New York Roads - Putnam CR 50/Old NY 22

, old NY 22

Now that I've gotten the best part out of the way, here are the rest. The green square is in the US 6/US 202/NY 22 intersection triangle, but if you continue down the dead end of former 22 you'll come to standard pentagons. What's not standard is that both sides of the pentagon were printed for reasons unknown. (It's not typical to have one sign facing two directions, since as you see here, one of the two sides needs to be mounted to something.) So these are the backs of the WB and EB CR 50 pentagons.

CR 50 ends and old 22 runs underneath the embankment for the end of I-684. NY 22 jumps onto 684 at Exit 10, taking it over and merging back down into the 2-lane hinterland road CR 50 once was.

Current NY 22

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