New York Roads - Suffolk CR 48/Truck NY 25/Sound Ave.

and Sound Ave.

Some more indications of the de facto multiplex, in that Truck 25 is not an official route but is certainly well signed. Or shoddily signed in the last photo, where a severe bolt shortage must have temporarily kicked in (but the next assembly, atop this page, was fine again).

Before getting to the squished assembly, you get to Southold Beach on the North Shore (Long Island Sound). On a clear day, you can see Connecticut.

CR 48 mysteriously ends, but the county routes keep on coming north to meet Sound Ave.

Clearly CR 43 and CR 105 end close to each other. These photos are EB. The South should be on top and the CR 43 should not be the same size shield as the CR 105 - or it should be, but both should be narrower.

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