New York Roads - Saratoga CR 4

CR 4 EB (west leg) turns left and CR 4 WB (north leg) turns right at the beginnings of CR 5 (south leg) and CR 98 (east leg) in Edinburg. Now that you've gotten that squared away, you know that the left arrows on the WB sign point to CR 98.

On that note, here's CR 98 heading away from the intersection, then turned around back at it. If you know your directions, the destinations are all pointing along... did you say CR 4 EB? If so, you get 2 points!

The Edinburg United Methodist Church is on the northwest corner of the CR 4/5/98 intersection, so it has CR 4 on both sides of it.

I saw the sign, drove a little farther, then realized what I had read. Turned around, parked, and found you an old bridge, a rarity in that it's pedestrian-only, never built for horses or larger.

Looking east along Beecher Creek from the bridge. CR 4 is way up on the embankment to the left. You can't see the bridge from up there, at least when there's foliage.

Look west, and you'll see another treasure hidden from the road, so I walked up to Beecher Creek Falls.

Looking upstream and back downstream at the bridge.

Back at CR 4, here is a pair of roads that head north from the same curve and have old signs before dead-ending: Min Allen Rd. and Hollow Rd.

Looking south around Conklingville Dam, which holds back Great Sacandaga Lake, this is Woodcock Mountain.

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