New York Roads - Greene CR 23B/Old NY 23

Greene CR 23B, former NY 23

Heading north on Main St. in Catskill, which becomes CR 23B at the village line. Of course, this is all old NY 23, which now follows an expressway onto the Rip Van Winkle Bridge across the Hudson River.

Speaking of Mr. Van Winkle, he's inside a mini-roundabout.

Finally, rods are signed as a unit of measurement! All photos are WB, out of Catskill to the World War II monument in Leeds. Wait a minute... suggested speed limit 20? Actual speed limit... could it really be 55? This begs to be tested.

Another of the arrow historical signs sneaks into view on Church St. NB.

WB and EB on the far sides of Catskill Creek on the west side of Leeds, proving that CR 23B is the old route and NY 23 the new route.

EB across that creek. That sure looks like an interesting bridge from the plaque. Wait, what does that say - built... 1773!

Looking WB with reverence and awe. And you know I had to save that one most-important (and very hard to get) photo for last:

Modern NY 23

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