New York Roads - Rockland CR 23

CR 23 is a route that's almost more turn than road. Above are its NB left turns from CR 20 (Orangeburg Rd.) and, just afterward, at CR 26 (Convent Rd.). Sickletown Rd. and Strawtown Rd., the further routing of CR 23, continue to turn several times themselves.

SB and NB at the NJ border and Bergen CR 2/94 (2 is part of an overlay system that NJDOT doesn't recognize).

NB between CR 20 and CR 26.

NB and SB at a former railroad spur just north of Palisades Interstate Pkwy. I'd rather keep the arch notwithstanding.

I don't know what changed, but CR 44 no longer warrants a traffic signal. I really don't know why it ever did.

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