New York Roads - Suffolk CR 21

Main St. WB in Yaphank, picking up CR 21 from Yaphank Ave.

Still on Main St. WB, now also CR 21 NB, at Mill Rd. (left) in Yaphank, courtesy Michael Summa. I've never seen a sign design like this, conforming to the old Y layout of the intersection when this was taken in 1975.

I-495 hasn't been NY 495 since 1983, but the second photo was still up when Doug Kerr photographed it. I believe it was NB at Mill Rd., which is where the first photo can still be found. (The photo atop the page is Mill Rd. EB. at this same spot.)

Mill Rd. WB leading away from CR 21 on a pair of equally old bridges.

Frontage road stub at the I-495 (Exit 67) onramp from CR 21. There are eventually supposed to be continuous frontage roads on both sides of I-495, but only as traffic or development warrants. Out here, it doesn't warrant.

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