New York Roads - Columbia CR 21

This is close to the right county shield design, but purists will want the sharp point on top to be gently rounded.

Custom sign (probably town-erected) crossing SB from CR 1 in Rensselaer County.

Clearly this town is best known for one particular illustrious denizen. From birth to death, the U.S. President called this place his home, and specifically the CR 21 axis (NW-SE) as opposed to that of US 9 (SW-NE). First photo is on the east side of the road, the other two are SB.

Continuing south, leaving Kinderhook across its eponymous creek.

The road better known for its ugly shields on NY 203, CR 21B SB meets its parent. That should be U.S. RT. 9.

There are two sections of CR 21 on either side of the Taconic State Pkwy., sort of linked by Harlemville Rd. This is the only photo from the eastern CR 21. Presumably they were intended to be connected by a road southeast from Ghent.

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