New York Roads - Rockland CR 1

CR 1 only runs on River Rd. in the village of Grand View-on-Hudson. Other than a couple of older assemblies, it's best known for being closer to the Tappan Zee than US 9W, which means better views to the east. And this being a roads page, the Tappan Zee is known for one thing:

Organized from south to north, here are three general views of the Tappan Zee Bridge, each with a pair of closeups showing off the western approach, center span, and/or construction of the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge approach piers near Nyack.

I don't know what the NYSTA Dockside division does, but it's not in this old building anymore, because there's now a bridge built on it. That's a pretty sad-looking New York outline. I think it belongs in a nursing home.

I'm at South Nyack now, so have the last NB shield and the first SB one.

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