New York Roads - Suffolk CR 16

All photos eastbound except the best one.

The shield atop this page is the current style, although the East should be on top. This is the old style, and you'll see quite a few more on this road. Suffolk County changed from Roads to Routes and then changed its shields.

The best photo is on the WB side in front of a firehouse. See if you can find it yourself, because it's the last of its kind and, pardon the pun, fading fast.

Widening is underway in Centereach on up to CR 97, Nicolls Rd. CR 97 is an expressway with more interchanges than intersections, the closest Suffolk County came with any of its expressways of creating a true freeway. It seems the state intervenes when a road is to become a full freeway - see NY 231.

Two more styles of Suffolk County shield, neither really matching the standard. The first is Suffolk's standard too-wide width, but with the wrong font entirely. The second shield is closest to the correct specs for a county route shield (especially of less than three digits), but everything is written in white.

Another white shield, an old directional sign at NY 112, and some more incorrect fonts.

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