New York Roads - Cattaraugus CR 13

Cattaraugus CR 13

All of the photos on this page are courtesy John Krakoff, and all center around this intersection with Erdman Rd. between Cattaraugus and Ellicottville. I don't know if the yellow color is intentional, but as you'll see Maples Rd. matches the CR 13 shields, and CR 13 follows Maples Rd as it turns between the western and southern legs.

CR 13 WB, near and far corners of the intersection. That's definitely an outdated style of county route shield. Not all of the destinations are on CR 13, and a couple of them are local place names you'll never find on a map.

CR 13 EB. Apparently this was once a left turn shield that got reused. Click for a megapixel closeup.

Hinman Hollow Rd. WB, with a shield apparently taken from CR 18. The down arrow certainly wasn't proper, so it's good that they were redone, but now the new arrows have faded away while the old ones have staying power.

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