New York Roads - Cattaraugus CR 12

Confirming that CR 12 is a former alignment of US 219, although not in any timeframe that would justify reference markers and definitely not the newer style of reference marker where the first line is the same size as the other two. The more current alignment on Miller Rd.-Cascade Rd. was actually bypassed fairly recently.

The three ways Cattaraugus Co. marks its roads: on street blade signs, on conventional pentagons, and on small green tags applied to the backs of signs. The small "1" after the 12 on the little tag designates this as 12A, which is purely for internal cataloguing purposes. For the casual observer, Edies Rd. is as much CR 12 as E. Otto Rd.

The B&O Railroad Cascade Bridge flies over Cattaraugus Creek in the background, but the old US 219 Felton Bridge is much closer to the water over Buttermilk Creek. The two streams together mark the Erie County line.

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