New York Roads - Suffolk CR 104, Peconic Ave. (old NY 113)

Suffolk CR 104 and Peconic Ave. (former NY 113)

Heading north from CR 80, most of the evidence that CR 104 was NY 113 before 1972 comes in the first couple of miles. The concrete roadway is a dead giveaway, the railroad overpass is certainly old enough, and there's no telling whether the crossroads or NY 27 junction sign may be old enough, although those two are definitely in doubt.

NB button copy, not old enough to be from NY 113, but then again there's still a state highway up there now.

And SB.

North of the interchange, CR 104 narrows back down into one lane. Hey, Flanders, you left the bat signal on.

A couple of wye intersections along CR 104. The CR 105 intersection was supposed to be an interchange, with CR 105 continuing west to CR 111. It would have disturbed a lot of open land, but on the plus side it could have been part of an extended NY 24. What most likely killed it is that CR 94 was constructed to tie NY 24 into I-495, thus providing a quick and simple route west from Riverhead.

SB in the same place in 1975, courtesy Michael Summa. It is really surprising to see CR shields here, because the other ones I know from this era all say COUNTY ROAD on top and SUFFOLK on the bottom.

NB speed limit signs that seem strangely unlike anything else found on a county road. Could they be older than 1972?

CR 104 ends in a circle with CR 63 at NY 24. NY 24/CR 94 is signed to New York, clearly via I-495.

Up Peconic Ave. for a block or two. Given that green TO, I guess the bicycle route has priority over the car route. Peconic Ave. is maintained by Riverhead even though it links three county highways and two state highways together. It was originally the joint ends of NY 113 and 24, though.

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