New York Roads - Suffolk CR 101

There are three types of Suffolk County route shields. There are the standard wide ones like the one atop the page, the older County Road ones like this SB one at the end of CR 101, and then the variety of misfits that don't fall into either category.

More of the County Road shields because they're neat, and one of those oddball shields. On second glance, it's exactly the right specification for a normal CR shield, except it's very out of place among the other offerings in Suffolk County. Plus the South banner is on the wrong side of the shield, so just forget it. These are all SB.

Mill Rd. WB at Sills Rd., which heads south to I-495 and then turns into CR 101. NY 495 was the designation all the way out on Long Island for many years until 1983. Interestingly, the extension of I-495 eastward turned the Lincoln Tunnel back into NY 495.

CR 101 NB ends at I-495 and narrows into Sills Rd., courtesy Doug Kerr and taken by John Krakoff. This old sign is gone now.

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