New York Roads - Orange CR 1

CR 26 NB, which just ends here at the Pine Island Turnpike and metamorphosizes into CR 6. There is no island; this junction is in fact the heart of Pine Island, NY.

OK, this and the last sign look like standard county route shields. Why do they look older than the shield atop this page? Actually, Orange county is now erecting only ugly pentagons, so maybe these examples came from an earlier experiment that ended in a reversion to the county-outline diamond.

Past a newer "historical" sign to a right turn with a third type of shield (still northbound). It looks like the one at top but is yellow instead of white. This is the rarest of the three county shield types on this page, but it appears often enough that I imagine Orange County just didn't have a standardized shield it stuck to 100% of the time.

Another "regular" OC shield (NB, south of NY 284), and then finally, an older actually-historical sign (SB, north of NY 284). Strangely, while the state education department wants you to learn about Kimber Fort (well, it did 40 years ago when this sign was erected), it's impossible to find any reference to it online (there's one from New York that places it in Uniondale, and one from a genealogy website). George and wife Sarah (and even early neighbors James and Sarah who lived Mile West) are spinning in their graves.

Old-style bridge, the northernmost photo on this page.

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