New York Roads - Cove Rd., Oyster Bay

Cove Road, Oyster Bay

So Sagamore Hill is technically off of Cove Rd. It's on Cove Neck Rd. Close enough.

Cove Neck Rd. disappears into the shrubbery. I bet these private residences have only embossed signs and drink their tea in turn-of-the-century (20th, not 21st) traffic signal casings.

WB just past Cove Neck Rd. I guess the original signpost broke (it would have come straight down the middle), which probably is what cuased the cracking in this cast iron sign. Rather than give it up for dead, Suffolk County bolted right through the iron (that takes guts) and kept the sign up and unrestored on two new, albeit weaker, posts. I'll take it.

More embossed signs.

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