New York Roads - Grand Concourse/Old NY 22/100

Grand Concourse, Bronx - Former NY 22 and 100

Grand Concourse, like Linden Blvd. in Queens or Roosevelt Blvd. in Philly, is a four-carriageway boulevard with relatively little grade separation, even though it would be nearly trivial to accomplish so much more. Like a Parkway, it does not allow commercial traffic, and as you'll see, it even had exit numbers for several years. However, it was proposed as an Expressway, not Parkway, and the concept died with the construction of the nearby Major Deegan Expressway, I-87.

The southern end of the Concourse is one of the grade separations it does have, long after the outside service roads have ended. Check out the old signals on 138th St. - a curved triangular support overhead, and a pedestal under the overpass!

The Grand Concourse isn't short on Art Deco stonework.

I saw maybe three of these. Anyone want to guess the age? They'd be white signs now.

Some older NB signs, obviously old enough to have exit numbers, which places them in the 1980s. You'll never find Exit 13, because the Fordham Rd. signs weren't patched like all the others.

SB signs so that you can see what one of the patches looks like. I believe this to be Exit 13, though there's no way to know from a car (the outline of the number, if any, is far too faint). As you can see, any intersection allowing turns from the main center lanes of the Concourse might have had an exit number. Also, only from this point north are there still any "EXIT" gore signs. The exit number experiment was discontinued at the behest of a community activist who didn't like the feeling of having a major highway through town - not that the presence or absence of exit numbers really makes a difference. Actually taking down the signs? That might do something, at least aesthetically.

SB past a very special building at 188th St. Besides cross streets, ramps are also numbered. I have reason to believe this was Exit 15A, although Exit 14 is just as plausible. (You'll see proof of a 15B soon, so I know there was a 15A somewhere. Whether 15A or 14 was a right ramp or left turn, I can't dig up.)

NB under Fordham Rd., between aforementioned Exits 13 and 15B.

More views, SB.

Exits 15B and 16? Who knows?

There's that other Fordham Road sign, as I head south to what I believe is the Exit 15B gore.

The end of the Concourse. Mosholu Parkway would probably have been upgraded from here to I-87 if the Concourse Expressway idea had taken shape.

Modern NY 22
Modern NY 100

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