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Cross County Parkway


Button-copy gore sign.

This is a Westchester County practice, putting street names in boxes, taken to a far extreme. One case where the old signs definitely should not have been replaced.

In the penultimate photo from this run, you can see clearly the service road that is also a collector-distributor (C-D) road. It exists for much of the length of the Parkway, and is a surface street when it's not a C-D road; the split that creates the EB roadway is under the sign for Exits 4S-5-6-7.

The Exit 8 photo is on the mainline of the CCP, and the rest are on the C-D road. NYSDOT usually drops words like River and State (it should be Bronx RIVER Parkway), and I guess it counts Brook (Sprain BROOK) as a River.

The rest of the C-D road signage, on down the Exit 7 ramp. The speed limit sign is actually posted before the gore, but that's a technicality.

Back to the mainline. The last BGS is hanging off the retaining wall on which the surface street that was once the EB C-D road sits, making the CCP a depressed freeway. It could use Paxil, perhaps? The floating gore sign is used at least a couple of times, though why it can't sit at the actual divergence point of the exit beats me.

Just after the Exit 8 offramp merges into the frontage road, the onramp splits right off again, even before the NY 22 junction. NY 22 traffic has to use local roads to make this connection, which I'm sure pleases homeowners.


Why are there two exit signs? The first one's overhead.

Does one exit tab need to say so much that it's wider than the sign? How about omitting the N-S this far back?

The interchange with I-87 is not actually with I-87, but with its surface roads. Thus traffic between the two freeways must pass through traffic lights in order to connect. It's possible to undo this, but that would require significant surface-road rerouting and new ramp building. Maybe a stack would be possible?

Courtesy Doug Kerr. The CCP ends rather violently at Saw Mill River Parkway, where it was given room to continue westward. How far westward? you ask, mindful that the Hudson River lies not too far ahead. Well, Virginia, yes there was to be a fifth Hudson River crossing to NYC, and this would have been it, but alas, it was not to be. It would have connected with a proposed NJ 14 freeway westward to Butler or even Pennsylvania (though the last thing PA needs is another freeway to open it up to New York commuters). For what it's worth, the southern leg of the Cross County's eastern end is also a stub at Hutchinson River Parkway SB, where it was to be extended to the Playland Parkway in Rye roughly along the route of I-95.
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