New York Roads - Bruckner Blvd.

Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx

Heading east past 149th St., which has a pretty bridge over a mess of railroad tracks.

Heading west up to Leggett Ave., with an extra span to cover the widest part of the yard.

This span was the original Bruckner Blvd. crossing of the railroad tracks west of the Bronx River. When I-278 was shoehorned into the Bruckner Blvd. corridor in typical Robert Moses fashion, the freeway WB lanes ended up in the surface street EB bridge truss. However, the bridge was only built for two lanes each way, forcing an awkward lane drop and no-room merge from I-278 WB onto Bruckner Blvd. WB, which still occupies the original WB (right) side of the truss. Bruckner Blvd. EB shares a newer span with I-278 EB.

An eastward view, as close as Bruckner Blvd. EB gets to its old routing.

Bruckner Blvd. EB as the I-278 EB frontage road, at Castle Hill Ave.

The right side of this photo is small button copy for the WB slip ramp onto the I-278 freeway. The left side is large button copy on the mainline.

EB in the almost-circle surrounded the complicated Bruckner Interchange, where I-678 (Whitestone Expwy.) and the Hutchinson River Parkway turn into each other below, the Cross-Bronx and Bruckner Expressways cross above, I-95 changes hands from the Cross-Bronx to the Bruckner, and both I-678 and I-295 end. Going anywhere on those higher-level roadways requires turning either before or after the interchange complex.

Some of the WB button copy through the circle and interchange has been replaced, leading to a reverse-color Parkway shield. In between what remains is a barely readable sign for the 1953 Bruckner Boulevard bridge over Westchester Creek, the Unionport Bridge draw span. The Cross-Bronx and Bruckner Expressway fly overhead on a trio of fixed spans.

Bridge shields EB as the I-95 NB frontage road.

Some more button copy, WB alongside I-95 SB.

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