New York Roads - Bridge St. Bridges, Piermont/Ramapo

Bridge Street Bridges of Rockland County


South side photos, from west to east, of this 1880 bridge over Sparkill Creek.

Now looking west from Ferdon Ave. If you connect the bottom crank to the top wheel with a chain, this becomes apparent as a hand-turned drawbridge. How many of those do you know of? Click the 2nd photo for a mechanical closeup.

Walking south across this very short bridge, with just a single pier and a single cable on each side. You can see how small the draw span counterweights are, entirely contained inside the piers, and the relatively modest size of the chain pulley. I've seen a metric gross of King Iron Bridges, and never have I seen a pedestrian-only hand-turned drawbridge besides this.

Looking west along Sparkill Creek.

Bridge St. east from NY 17, now limited to 0 tons. The sign says "bridge closed" but the fence says "let's party!"

East across the Ramapo River on this 1904 span.

Looking north, south, and north again as I cross the river. The last photo features I-87 in the background.

Back west to where I'm allowed to be.

One last view southeast.
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