New York Roads - Borden Ave.

Borden Avenue, Queens

This is the first EB onramp to I-495 in Queens, which in fact leads away from the tunnel. I guess the tunnel trailblazer is here to prevent people from making a left, but really, who makes a left onto a freeway? Who is heading east to go west when there's a perfectly good tunnel entrance just across the highway? Okay, there is a turn to head around to 21st St., and then another U-turn at 50th Ave. to get to the tunnel, so everything here is perfect sensible and accurate. But really, a left turn?

Unless you're in a hurry, don't take that onramp. Follow the alt rte. along Borden Ave. and you'll be treated to some delicately massive structural views of the underside of the Queens-Midtown Expressway, the official name of I-495 west of I-278. The LGS are truly encouraging you to check it out. Don't let them down.

Got another minute? Check out this sliding bridge over Dutch Kills. It was built in 1908 and unlike all but 3 other American bridges, it doesn't lift in any way when opening. It just slides diagonally across the Kills to open up a narrow passageway. (There's another one in NYC, Carroll St. in Brooklyn, and then two in Boston.) These photos are on the shorter WB side; the bridge has a trapezoidal shape essential to its functionality.

Some more viaduct views from where Review Ave. NB comes into Borden Ave.

Just a hint of Interstate is deemed sufficient on Van Dam St. NB.

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