Alps' Roads Special - Bear Mtn. Mini Meet

Bear Mountain Mini Meet, May 4, 2014

A local meet means a nice, short meet page. I came up I-287 to the NY Thruway to Exit 14B, up CR 89 and CR 85 to US 202, and northeast to Doodletown as a pre-meet activity.

There's no way this sign along US 9W/US 202 dates to 1935. After completing our loop and dodging runners, we continued up 9W for views of the Bear Mountain Bridge (see the US 202 page linked below) from Fort Montgomery. This also gave us the chance to walk the Popolopen Suspension Bridge and take our official mini-meet photo.

Our mini-crowd of Keith Thomas, Michael Temme-Soifer, myself in the traditional kneel, Laura Bianca-Pruett, Doug Kerr, and Bear Mountain Bridge. And that was the meet! I headed home on CR 106 to CR 33, down to I-87/287, back to New Jersey, and you have your shortest meet writeup ever.

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