New York Roads - Rockaways - Beach Channel Dr.

Beach Channel Drive, Rockaways

WB at the end of Beach Channel Dr.

EB on Rockaway Point Boulevard at the same interchange. The ramp to the left leads to the Marine Parkway Bridge and Flatbush Avenue. I have a different version of this sign (updated toll price over the PAY TOLL button copy) on the bridge page, linked at bottom.

Continuing east onto Beach Channel Drive, the next interchange is confusingly for Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

EB signage for Cross Bay Blvd. at its namesake bridge.

WB at the same interchange, with a bunch of chevrons and concrete barriers at the tightly curled southern interchange. If you missed the ramp, signs immediately let you know you have another bridge coming up in just a few miles.

Speaking of which, these are the elevated tracks over the length of Rockaway Freeway. There is a gap of several blocks from Beach 67th St. (just east of the eponymous subway station), to Beach 77th where the tracks first come alongside Beach Channel Dr., and then here to Beach 84th St. where the tracks again separate, enabling the rebirth of Rockaway Fwy. just beyond the trees and continuing west. Fun fact: although there is a continuous track and both halves of Rockaway Freeway are under the A train, there is no continuous service across the gap. (It wouldn't make sense, as both ends of Rockaway Fwy. are split ends of the subway line.) This is just a wye track for maintenance.

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