New York Roads - 21st St.

21st Street, Queens

All photos are northbound.

The Queensboro Bridge is already on its way to Manhattan, both Lower and Upper Levels. The last photo looks east as they touch down.

However, there's still a chance to get up there. Turn left on the north side of the bridge, under the delicious button copy, and you will follow a long loop up to the Upper Level that towers over 21st St. The limited height of the rotating drums leads to interesting letter alignment, though these signs have been replaced since.

The first photo is at 39th Ave. Because Queens uses a patchwork of St., Rd., Ave., Pl., Dr., you name it, I can't just leave you with the 39 that you see. The second photo was one of the few signs that hadn't been patched to Robert F. Kennedy by 2013. It will always be the Triboro! Or Triborough if you feel fancy.

This old guide sign is under a bridge trailblazer that now reads RFK, at Astoria Blvd. and Newtown Ave.

Looking northwest at the southern, suspension bridge leg of the Triboro.

Older street sign.

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