New York Roads - 125 St., Manhattan

125th Street, Manhattan

125th St. WB crosses under the heights of Riverside Dr. to end at NY 9A, Henry Hudson Pkwy.

Driving back east, something no longer possible since NYC made the west end of 125th a one-way pair with St. Clair Pl. to the south. The next bridge east of NY 9A is the West Side Line, the southern part of which has been retired as the High Line but the rest of which is active, carrying Amtrak's northern lines toward Montreal and Buffalo.

Looking west, the elevated 1 line and its station soars above 125th St. at Broadway.

I took enough EB photos to give you ideas of the unique parts of this structure.

Continuing east, all of these paneled signals are now the normal yellow variety. I'm still too far west for any of these to be the "Lexington/125" of Velvet Underground fame.

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