New South Wales Roads - Sydney


The oldest street sign in Sydney is attached to a building in the oldest neighborhood, on Cumberland St. in The Rocks.

Decorative parapet for the Cumberland St. bridge over Argyle St.

One more from Cumberland St., looking north under the Harbour Bridge at the top of a retaining wall dividing Cumberland St. from George St. below.

Variations on a theme, George St. SB and Macquarie St. NB under Cahill Expwy., which connects M1 to Bradfield Hwy. and formerly carried NH 1. Did George St. rise, or did Cahill Expwy. settle?

I think the retaining wall around the Hickson Rd./Pottinger St. roundabout is pretty cool, and what they call art in the centre is pretty weird.

The two bridges over the western reach of Hickson Rd., both facing south: from Towns Pl. (at ground level) and from Windmill St. (at the upper level).

The suburb of Cremorne appears to hate proper colour chevrons. These are on Bannerman St. (EB) at Murdoch St., then Rangers Rd. (also EB) at Spofforth St.

Clark Rd. SB merges from 2 lanes into 1 after it passes High St. in North Sydney - with very little room for alternating traffic - and then I'm on High St. WB at the Alfred St. junction. This sign that was either yellow on orange or on a very faded yellow is located right at a crosswalk and has been replaced by a normal fluorescent yellow-green circle. Whatever colour diamond that was intended to be, why did the circle not fade to the same degree?

Epping Rd. is former SR 27, then Metroad 2, before that designation moved onto what is now M2. The sign may have been on Metroad 2, which lasted from 1993-1997, or else was born shortly thereafter.

A44 WB, Parramatta Rd., at Broughton St. on the Burwood/Concord border. While pedestrians cross overhead, M4 is secretly in a tunnel underneath as the new WestConnex toll road.

Holker St. EB in Silverwater, past Newington Rd. to its end at Olympic Park.

To the other end of Olympic Park, on Australia Ave. SB. A3 covers up a Metroad 3 shield.

Signs with varying degrees of oldness, all near each other: Clyde St. NB at Wellington Rd. in South Granville, Junction St. heading north from The Promenade in Old Guildford, then the east end of Fairfield St. in that same town. Woodville Rd. used to be SR 55 until 2004.

Speaking of SR 55, here's Woodville Rd. SB (two photos, left and right) and Henry Lawson Dr. NB (also part of SR 55) at their intersection with A22. Back when the north-south road was SR 55, the east-west road was SR 31.

Ending this page the way I began, with an old sign on the left and a very old sign on the right side of Railway St. WB at Ellis Parade in Yennora. Signs this old are called "black" because they lack a lot of colour compared to more modern green signs, but as they fade, they reveal that they are, in fact, simply a very dark green.

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