New South Wales Roads - Old SR 69

Former SR 69

All photos on SR 69 are westbound.

Before I leave Singleton, let's take a detour up the 1905 Dunolly Ford Bridge on Newton St. over the Hunter River.


Southbound, with a look to the right (west).

This sign is not just old, but it's been wrong since it was erected. There apparently were several NR 69 errors along SR 69, but this is the easternmost.

Leaving Singleton on Putty Rd., the Mt. Poppong foothills are to the left and Mt. Wambo is to the right as I look north.

Makes you wonder what's so special about those 2 km. More Mt. Wambo, looking east of there, and then looking south of Putty Rd. at the Broken Back Range.

SR 84 also no longer exists. It should be B84, which makes the patches on the first sign all the more mysterious (and they're already plenty mysterious for how ugly those shields are). What was there before? Are these newish signs with B84 on them, but NSW wasn't ready to unveil alphanumerics? Was there an error? I could believe an error. Maybe it was NR 84!

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