New South Wales Roads - Old SR 135/M15

Former SR 135 and M15 construction

Lang St. SB in Kurri Kurri. SR 135 turns left here and joins former SR 132. SR 132 got a shiny new number and SR 135 has since been erased from existence.

NB leading out of that roundabout. By the time I visited in November 2013, this should have just been plain Lang St.

Lang St. becomes Main Rd. as it crosses the Heddon Greta boundary, and I enter the future M15 roundabout interchange. In this one, Main Rd. goes around one large circle that overcrosses M15, with all four interchange ramps coming into the circle. When I was there, all traffic was diverted onto the left (northwestern) arc of the roundabout while work progressed on the southeastern (future SB) arc.

The future NB entrance ramp leaves the future roundabout, and then the only time you'll see two-way traffic on this road.

A poorly photographed look north at the unstriped Hunter Expwy.

Main Rd. is channelized back out of the roundabout and on its way toward Maitland. The little ramp to the left in the first photo is for bicycles. It's at the future SB exit junction.

Turned back around SB and entering the roundabout. Construction vehicles can turn left toward where all SB traffic will be going in the future, but I have to go right.

Various looks southeast at the new motorway and future former SR 135 SB. (I just wanted to say "future former.")

One more view of the southeastern arc, and then the road curves back toward Kurri Kurri once more.

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