New South Wales Roads - Old NR 32, Hartley

Former NR 32, Hartley
Old Great Western Highway

Leaving the historic ghost town of Hartley and heading west on the old highway where it says not to go. The stripes are left over from NR 32 generations ago and appear to be yellow solid with a white dash. Australia has used all white centre lines for decades now. So yeah, these are old.

The road makes it as far as River Lett but can't quite make it across to Jenolan Caves Rd. on the other side. Now, I have no idea where the old highway went once it joined Jenolan Caves Rd. My best guess is a long-lost alignment along the north side of Cox's River, hinted at by two-track paths, that ties into McKanes Falls Rd. back up toward Bowenfels. Sorry I couldn't get a better photo of the bridge for you.

This ancient reflector must also date to the NR 32 days.

Just kidding, I have better photos of the bridge for you. It's asphalt over wood planks. Or was. I think I'm good staying on this side.

Turned around back toward Hartley. Notice the mailbox: this road needs to be maintained for the people who still live on it, so you, too, can enjoy this semi-abandoned alignment.

Back east to the last semi-barricade. The road has been improved in Hartley to serve gawking tourists, so there's nothing of interest to show you here.

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