New South Wales Roads - Old NH 31, Mundoonen Rge.

Former NH 31, Hume Highway -
Mundoonen Range

Just in case you don't want to virtually drive several kilometres of old highway, I'll put the interesting photos right up front for you. These are EB and WB at Sheldricks Lane. The old Hume Highway is nameless here. I promise, everything else is just photos of an old highway.

Heading west from the first turnoff after Reardons Rd., which is only signed to Sheldricks La. The former passing lane I pulled into soon ends, and then there's an EB passing lane. In the last photo, that's apparently not good enough, because EB traffic gets to also pass in the WB lane - but not vice versa. So you could have three abreast in one direction but only one in the other. That's fair.

After another kilometre or so, the road ends and gradually peters out into the distance. This is the other end of the stub on my M31 page (big link at bottom) that I saw heading EB in Yass.

The full eastbound run ends with a back entrance into the Mundanoon Rest Area, which is where Sheldricks La. traffic enters M31 toward Sydney. (This is why the WB lane turns into grass - no access back from the rest area.) The 15th photo (the one from a different vantage) is where I get back to where I entered from M31. See if you can spot all the former passing zones.

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