New South Wales Roads - Maroubra, Sydney


Beauchamp Rd. EB.

Maroubra Rd. EB at a confusing intersection. In a sense, the roads cross each other, but the western leg of Maroubra flows straight into the eastern leg of Malabar. The first photo is intended for right-turning traffic from Maroubra Rd. EB staying on Maroubra Rd., warning them not to pull all the way around into Malabar Rd. WB. However, you can see it clearly from Malabar Rd. WB, which becomes very confusing because not only is Malabar Rd. a left turn from there, but the right turn isn't prohibited either.

Continuing west on Maroubra Rd. to its end and the suburb limit of Maroubra. Bunnerong Rd. used to be SR 70.

Bunnerong Rd. south from there.

North to the end of Bunnerong Rd. at Anzac Parade, not really in Maroubra anymore (Daceyville) but related to the previous photos. The greenout to the left covers up SR 17, and the one to the right was SR 70 continuing to Anzac Pde. NB.

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