New South Wales Roads - M31

M31, Hume Highway

All photos on M31 are northbound.

Old railway bridge to the west as I enter NSW from VIC.

Right away, I find myself in Albury. That's the Dean St. pedestrian bridge and a nearly-perfect guide sign - just needs a space between "2" and "km".

Well, why not call it the "Humula and Tarcutta Exit" then? Problem solved.

Sheridan St. WB at and passing West St. in Gundagai. Patching the old NH 31 shield was the right move, but putting up a blank patch instead of an "M31" was not. I'm slightly curious if these were installed inside-out.

I can think of a better way to do this. All in one sign, even.

Speaking of Yass, here's the former end of the freeway just east of town past Reardons Rd. The last photo looks back south, where the remnants of the centre stripe are clearest. Beyond the brush pile, this turns into the Mundoonen Range alignment that you can see via the big link at bottom.

All through the Gunning interchange (where I found the since-gone fire sign), red reflectors are on the left side of the carriageway. This is demonstrably wrong, as the left lane couuld never have held SB traffic. The numbers on the Gunning sign are obviously kilometres, but I've never seen another application like this, and it's missing "km". Abstractly, the numbers could represent route numbers, numbers of lanes, or how many people you must have in your car.

Looking south along Wollogorang Rd. SB in Breadalbane.

Okay, I can't really think of a better way to do this, but if you knew you had tourist drives here, why weren't they on the sign to begin with?

Speaking of Goulburn, I'mma just point out that the kangaroo is totally encroaching on declared wombat territory. Wombat was here first, it gets to have its 5 km. Wait your turn, boomer.

Old Hume Hwy.: Prince Alfred Br., Gundagai
Old Hume Hwy.: Mundoonen Range
Old Hume Hwy.: Wilton La./Cullerin Rd.

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