New South Wales Roads - M15

M15, Hunter Expressway

All photos are of motorway construction in November 2013. M15 opened in March 2014.

Buchanan Rd. SB in Buchanan, passing under the beginning of the B68 interchange. The M15 SB carriageway and ramp are on the first bridge, but then M15 NB and the NB onramp each get their own bridges.

Closeup of a sign on the new M15 SB exit ramp. There's nothing special about this sign except that it was up 4 months before it needed to be.

Looking back north along Buchanan Rd.
M15 at Main Rd. in Heddon Greta (former SR 135)

Across the Old Maitland Rd. overpass heading north in Sawyers Gully, looking left along M15 NB. The first photo frames how Old Maitland Rd. was realigned to the right (southeast) so that the new bridge could be built without disturbing the existing road.

Looking southeast along M15 from the same spot.

Lovedale Rd. in Allendale was also diverted to construct the new overpass. The giant debris pile marks its former path. The road to the left is unrelated.

Construction here has advanced to sidewalk pouring. Unlike the Heddon Greta interchange, Lovedale has a small roundabout on either side of M15 instead of being one giant one across the freeway.

Looking southeast across the NB roundabout at the freeway and future NB exit. I found that interesting enough to take another turn about the roundabout for a better view of the exit ramp.

Progressing north across the overpass, three views of M15 to the southeast.

Same direction, three views to the northwest. Constructing a new 40 km expressway is reason aplenty to have a dedicated concrete mixing facility on-site.

An unused roundabout leg on the NW quadrant of the SB side. This doesn't go anywhere yet, but may have been put in for a future development.

As I prepare to leave the roundabout and M15, here's one last look southeast at the future M15 SB onramp.

More M15 construction on Main Rd. in Heddon Greta
More M15 construction on A43
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