New South Wales Roads - Gradys Creek Rd./Lions Rd.

Gradys Creek Road and Lions Road

All photos are northbound once I'm past B91.

Starting you off with the oldest signs you'll see on this page, B91 EB and WB at the south end of Gradys Creek Rd.

The SB sign at B91 is newer, but not new enough to escape a patch over the old SR 91 shield.

Over three different one-lane wooden bridges. The centre two photos are the same bridge.

Over, under, and past some more bridges and a private railway crossing. The 3rd, 4th, and last photos are to my left.

Wait a minute. Not sure who has right-of-way.

Once past that obstacle, the bridges get narrower and narrower.

So, for a little while, I had no speed limit at all. This rarity is confined to a few rural roads in northern NSW and formerly applied to open roads in NT. It technically now means that the speed limit defaults to 100 km/h, but when the sign was first put up, it was truly "unlimited". And for this unwitting foreigner, I treated it as such still - meaning about 60 km/h with all the curves and one-lane bridges.

This is the QLD border. Lions Rd. becomes Running Creek Rd. here.

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