New South Wales Roads - Old NH 31, Wilton La./Cullerin Rd.

Former NH 31, Hume Highway -
Wilton Lane/Cullerin Road

Starting west on Wilton La. from Gunning. No through road? Must be interesting!

Continuing west, there are still some reflectors from the NH 31 days - though red is on the wrong side of the road. The banked curve is clearly a former national highway.

End of work? More like end of road. Wilton La. disappears into a banked field, and then reappears on the other side (not pictured) as a stub shoulder on M31.

Back east to where I started at Gundapo Rd., through the same banked curve and the same wrong-sided reflectors.

EB signage remnants of NH 31 east of Gunning on Cullerin Rd.

What appears to be a former passing lane, up to the Hume & Hovell Memorial. Those early explorers discovered the Hume River and established the habitability of VIC.

More old EB signs, windmills, and what appears to be a small old alignment of this old alignment.

Some older EB construction signs (can they have been out there for far too many years? I suspect it's possible) and a WB kilometre post for Yass.

Continuing east to the star of the page, Old South Rd., showing both sides of the dark green "black" sign. "MW-1167" is for The Pipeline Authority.

Now an EB kilometre post, for Goulburn.

Another old sign on Breadalbane Rd. NB and WAIT A MINUTE, THAT'S NH 31. Click on either photo for a gold-tinged closeup.

Divided road? Nope, not anymore. It's just going to end instead, with a long abandoned alignment on someone's farm. Obviously, at one point this is where the dualised alignment of what's now M31 picked up, at the end of the long straightaway I can't get to.

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