New South Wales Roads - Bradfield Hwy./Harbour Br./old NH 1

Bradfield Highway/Sydney Harbour Bridge, former NH 1

There's a lot going on here on Clarence St. NB. If the sign predates the opening of the Harbour Tunnel, then there is an NH 1 shield under one of those patches. If not, there is a Metroad 1 and/or Metroad 4 shield to be had. There was possibly an arrow on the left, though no idea where it was pointing.

Cumberland St. NB through The Rocks neighborhood and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The tower of the 1908 Arts Exchange Building (originally a power station) sneaks into the 4th photo.

Two views from Hickson Rd. EB, the first from above (on Windmill St.), the second below. Bradfield Hwy. is pretty much just the bridge and its approaches, from A4 until the merge with the M1 Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

Continuing on Hickson Rd. up to the bridge. The last photo looks across the harbour at the northern abutment.

If you're looking for the bridge plaque, it's on the south abutment on Hickson.

Views from Hickson St. east of the bridge, then looking north directly under.

Looking west from the end of Macquarie St. by Government House.

Flipping to the north end, here are photos from Albert St. northwest of the bridge. The 4th photo (at Dind St.) reveals the Sydney Opera House.

Two views eastward from the Gladesville Bridge (A40) and one last one from Bradleys Head. These are the best full views of the bridge that was inspired by New York City's Hell Gate Bridge (rail only).

Finally, we're up onto the Bradfield Hwy.! And I'm driving over E logos pointing the opposite way! I'm northbound, these logos are for high-speed electronic toll lanes, the tolls are southbound and the lanes are reversible. Any more questions?

There's the Arts Exchange tower again, and here's a drive all the way across the bridge from south to north, ending with a look back at what I just crossed. And that's all she wrote for this page.

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