New South Wales Roads - B84/old SR 84

B84 and former SR 84

SR 84 ended along Sydney St. EB at A15 in Muswellbrook until 1997, but B84 now continues south through Jerrys Plains to Whittingham. Also, NH 15 is now A15, so this entire assembly needs to go.

Long Point Rd. WB from Gouldsville. This is B84 now, not SR 84.

This entire assembly needs to stay. This is the other end of Long Point Rd., at Gouldsville Rd. Although B84 bypasses Gouldsville and the original SR 84 came nowhere close, I put this (and the photos below) on this page because Long Point Rd. and Gouldsville Rd. was the routing through the area before the road that became B84 (Mitchell Line Rd.) was constructed.

Isn't this stuff cool? Here are NB and SB views of the assembly. The EB sign has patched distances that I assume were once in miles, since these signs certainly seem old enough to predate metrification, but the NB/SB sign distances are in km from the get-go. Click on the first photo for a closeup.

SR 84 WB... I mean B84 WB turns right onto an interchange ramp in Mt. Thorley. Mount Thorley Rd. flies overhead, seemingly overpowered for a road that quickly ends to the south, which I believe is because it serves a massive coal operation. Straight ahead is another well-signed former state route, SR 69.

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