New South Wales Roads - A48

A48, Illawarra Highway

Starting off eastward from M31. TD 14 just follows A48 to B73 back to M31, so does it really need to be a marked route?

WB at Exeter Rd. in Sutton Forest, then the same place on TD 16 NB. Most NR 48 shields have been patched, as you'll see below, but they missed this one.

EB through Moss Vale, where A48 leaves behind TD 14 and picks up a new route - briefly.

TD 15 NB at A48, and a knowledge gap. Tourist Drives seem to change a lot over time and have no official record, so while I know 15 goes left, I don't know which TD is to the right, except that a fuzzy image from 2007 suggests the last digit is a 5. 25 appears to already be in use in the NW part of the state, so maybe 35? Or maybe 15 had three legs?

EB at what used to be SR 80 to the left (bottom patched shield) and nothing to the right.

Back to TD 15, are we? TD 15 forms a loop, so I'm now in Robertson but still dealing with it. The patch next to the TD 8 shield is, of course, NR 48. While most states, and possibly even other places in NSW, just apply the new number as a patch over the old shield, at least here the shield is just covered and a new sign is added. Because why simplify?

EB and WB at the easternmost TD 15 turnoff, then TD 15 SB showing another patched shield treatment.

I think this old alignment's pretty obvious, EB in Robertson.

EB over a railway bridge south of Mt. Murray, then one last patched shield at Russell St. in Albion Park.

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