New South Wales Roads - A37


Interesting architectural treatments from Warners Bay Rd. to Myall Rd. I can tell you that the animals at the end are lizards, not flying kangaroos.

The mainline bypass temporarily ends at Sandgate Rd., though it was completed not long after and now runs straight to A43 instead of sending A37 down Sandgate to the east. You could argue that the bypass is still incomplete, as the northern freeway segment ends unceremoniously at a roundabout at A15 and then follows a local road (Croudace St.) for awhile before becoming a freeway again. There are plans afoot to connect the freeway segments farther west from the original SR 123 alignment around Newcastle that A37 has replaced, with the future freeway running west of John Hunter Hospital where current A37 runs east.

The EB right-turn lane remains closed on Sandgate Rd. Even though the ramp onto A37 SB was very much open at that time and had been for a number of years, the ramp has historically been a direct left from Sandgate Rd. WB, and the new terminus allowing left turns was still under construction. Those living just to the west of the interchange had to either head well south to University Dr. or find a way to turn around east of A37.

Looking north from Sandgate Rd. at the new Boatman Creek bridge.

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