New South Wales Roads - A32

A32, Great Western Highway

All photos are westbound until the last caption.

No sign, no weather. This is entering Glenbrook just after the end of M4, which turns into A32<.

A32 used to be NR 32, hence the patch.

Construction is underway from Woodford through Bullaburra in 2013 to widen A32 from 2-3 lanes (sometimes a passing or turning lane) to 4 lanes total, often divided. I wonder if this work zone caused a spike in fencing prices for everyone else.

Construction occasionally switches sides of the road for no good reason. Changed Traffic Conditions indeed.

Mixing in some views of the Blue Mountains with my unopened roads. In the first (clearest) look north, Mt. Hay is on the left.

I can answer two questions in the last photo: yes, the new roadway is overall lower than the old one, but no, the EB roadway is still a bit higher than WB through this curve.

The last photo sneaks a peek back behind me to the east.

I'm in Bullaburra, so that'll do it for construction.

Past all that to Leura and the Aunty Joan Cooper OAM Bridge under the Leura Mall interchange, which is a unique roundabout SPUI (SRUI?). Tourist drives usually have numbers, not letters, but nothing about TD routes is ever official. Lost in all this is that "OAM" stands for "Medal of the Order of Australia." No one ever spoke French here, so why isn't it MOA?

Careful for the kangbats leaving Mt. Victoria. Or maybe wombaroos.

A very poor patch job over the NR 32 shield in Wallerawang.

The only photos actually taken EB on this page, an old alignment on the north side of A32 by Pikes La. in Mt. Lambie.

Old Great Western Hwy., Hartley

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