Nova Scotia Roads - NS 223

NS 223 and Bras d'Or Lake

WB across Grand Narrows, which seems harder to bridge than Little Narrows, and yet Little Narrows still has a ferry - in fact, a cable ferry, which could have been worth the cost if there weren't a free and reasonably direct alternate road right next to it (and if the ferry were right there when I approached, which it was decidedly not). This is also known as Barra Strait of Bras d'Or Lake. Golden Bras, yes. I was 11 or so the first time I was here, so I'll never forget that translation.

The northern side of the crossing, pivoting from west to east.

The southern side of the crossing, which happens to have a railroad truss with a swing section, so I get distracted and follow that instead of the lake.

What, did Nova Scotia somehow spell Iona wrong? And yet they got Sanndraigh correct?? Photos continue west from there, hugging the shore of Bras d'Or Lake (I just put hugging and bras into the same sentence, which officially makes this site child-unfriendly).

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