Nova Scotia Roads - Trunk Routes 2/4

Trunk 2 NB turns left with Trunk 4 WB, and Trunk 4 EB is straight ahead with NS 311 NB. Trunk 4 is barely signed anywhere once it reaches Trunk 2 well to the northwest, and signage magically reappears when it leaves NS 311, as if it ceases to exist in the interim. These shields are so old, the NS 311 signs were either once brown or else the scheme was white on green at that time (it's certainly brown now).

Trunk 2 SB leaves NS 102 at Exit 14 after a short concurrency, bears right, and comes right to the onramp back to the NB side. According to my notes, Trunk 4 is also following Trunk 2 here. According to my map, the faded "TO" belongs with a NS 236 shield, because that route begins here, but I'm not sure it would be any easier to read than blank wood.

Onslow Rd. WB at Exit 14A, which is where Trunk 2 NB leaves NS 102. The Trunk 2 half of the assembly is all wrong - the 2 is the wrong font, the West is the wrong color scheme, and 2 goes north from here instead of west. In fact, if NS 102 SB is ahead, Trunk 2 SB must be as well, so just remove the West banner entirely. I'll also point out that the "102" is located too high in the shield.

This photo is only notable because it comes after the second header photo. Just after one of the only times that Trunk 4 is signed on this concurrency, it disappears again.

Trunk 2/4 SB/EB at TCH 104 Exit 12. So if it's 104's exit, why is it signed from Trunk 2? Actually, TCH 104 was constructed in pieces, and the piece from Exits 7-12 is relatively recent. Between those two points, Trunk 4 has plenty of relics from when it was signed as TCH 104, and this one happens to be shared with Trunk 2. In other locations, the exit number was removed from the signs to reduce confusion. Straight ahead is a merge right back into TCH 104 EB.

SB in Springhill, where an arrow was spray painted over with what looks like another arrow (but green). The first header photo on this page is in the same town.

SB over Little Forks River and a railroad on the outskirts of Springhill Junction. These tiny bridges nevertheless have plaques from their makers on the side, a privilege usually reserved for long and/or tall trusses.

The last SB bridge on Trunk 2, Nappan River at the town of Nappan. No plaque visible.

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