Nova Scotia Roads - NS 125

NS 125

At night, old non-reflective signs are even less reflective, especially when the shield is just as old as the sign. So there's no way to see that TCH 105 is the shield on the 2-km advance sign, but it's sure visible on the other ones as NS 125 WB ends. (NS 125 is a loop around Sydney, but since it's a half-loop I can just use east-west directionality.)

EB in the daytime, it's still not easy to see shields when they've been completely washed out over the years. NS 223 begins here at NS 305, so there should be no North to the left on the exit ramp, just a 305 to allow traffic to sort itself out at the next intersection.

NS 125 WB jumps from two lanes to four lanes before crossing Balls Creek (and there's a locale just upstream known as Rear Balls Creek if you're feeling particularly juvenile) and stays that way for the rest of the highway. Here you see the now-defunct practice of making certain destinations larger based on location (Balls Creek is closest on the secondary route) or importance (Canso Causeway is just a bridge, the others are cities). Highway signs in the U.S. would never get away with the arrows seen in the last photo - the down arrows should be above the center of each lane, and the exit arrow should point upward instead of downward.

It's a good thing Nova Scotia gets to follow its own rules, because exit tabs have to be on the right for right exits in the U.S. and exit numbers have to be distance-based (miles in the U.S., kilometers in Canada). Nova Scotia only uses green exit tabs on freeways; many stretches of 100-series highway have grade crossings, and there are yellow exit tabs all along those highways even for the occasional grade-separated interchanges. These photos are all WB, the first at Trunk 4. Though I can't tell exactly how long North Sydney has been a friendly seaport, apparently it wasn't always as friendly as someone thought - or maybe it's been friendly a lot longer. Can't tell what was under the 17, naturally.

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