Nova Scotia Roads - Trunk Routes 1/3

Trunk Routes 1 and 3

All photos on this page courtesy Doug Kerr.

Trunk 1 EB (NB at the moment, though) at Richmond Rd. in Port Maitland.

An intersecting EB street in Yarmouth, north of the ferry landing and south of the beginning of Trunk 3. Although the entire assembly has seen better days, it's a fair bet that Trunk 3's arrow once pointed to the left, because it would have to be in the same direction as NS 103.

Here, with a wrong-font wrong-color NS 101 shield, is the beginning of Trunk 3. This is definitely not up to the modern standards of assemblies, with every other sign looking different (try the arrows) and wooden boards in the back for all the shields to be mounted on a utility pole. NS 101 and 103 both lead to Halifax, and while 101 is about 25 km longer, it's also about the same time to drive due to being slightly more upgraded overall.

This alternate route doesn't appear on any map, but it's either Parade St. or Forest St. EB heading out of Yarmouth. NS 103 begins after Haley Rd. crosses Trunk 3 (presumably where 3 Alternate ends).

Trunk 3 WB in Hubbards Point at NS 308.

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