Newfoundland Roads - Placentia Pike

Placentia Pike

All photos are NB away from NL 100.

It's mainly because of this ancient hill sign that I made this a separate page. Given the outline of the car, you can tell this is a style not used in Canada anymore. The notch in the hill is a bizarre twist but it's part of the standard - a standard interpreted differently in different provinces, based on this Ontario example.

Ahead is the ferry terminal, that just might be the ferry arriving in the background, and this is Placentia Bay.

There's nowhere else to go here - it's all ferry now, but when this sign was erected, there just might have been something else on this sign. Like Naval Base Argentia, a United States facility built during World War II when Newfoundland was still a dominion of the United Kingdom and not a Canadian province. The base only closed in 1994, which is probably when the bottom half of the sign was wiped clean. Given the condition it's in, the whole sign should be wiped right off the road. And then sent to me. I'll pay shipping.

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