Newfoundland Roads - NL 91

NL 91

Crossing the Rocky River WB west of NL 81, looking just to the south at the old arch bridge.

Another view from the south of the bridge, with the current NL 91 bridge behind it (built 1990), then looking east across the old alignment meeting the modern one.

Just below the arch bridge is a little waterfall, with a little diversion channel that you can see to the bottom right of the second photo. I doubt it's for fish, because they must have been able to climb the falls for millennia before we intervened, and unlike humans, fish don't evolve to be lazy.

Another waterfall upriver (north), this time with no channel.

And then this happens after NL 92 - the pavement ends along with any theory of proper road maintenance. Gravel roads can certainly serve all-season traffic, but these potholes hint that NL 91 is more a cold-weather road for when everything ices and snows over smoothly. I had no choice but to bounce along and attempt to dodge as many of the big holes as I could - I was in plenty of time to make the ferry back to Nova Scotia, but not if I took either of the other possible detour routes, NL 92 to NL 100 all the way down around the coast or back to NL 2 to 100. Many of the potholes weren't as bad as they look, but when you're faced with a string of them across the road, just close your eyes (for a second only!) and pray you found a good spot to cross.

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