Newfoundland Roads - NL 60

NL 60

NL 62 NB with a very old rounded-corner wooden sign, of course featuring the old trapezoidal route marker. Hr. is an abbreviation for Harbour that you probably won't see on modern signs. You may see the word "Exit" still pop up to refer to "Junction," a Newfie peculiarity. Not that Newfies are known for peculiarities.

More old signs, EB. Trapezoids are just as hard to find on route shields as on LGS's. The distance sign at NL 50 also has rounded corners, and therefore is also quite old, so I'm including it despite the raindrops coming in clearer than the sign. Newfoundland is in a perpetual state of cloudiness, fog, and drizzle. The sun could be shining brightly over all of Canada and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and as soon as the ship comes to shore, the clouds begin and don't stop. There was absolutely no break in the cloud cover while I was there, and by nighttime in eastern Newfoundland there was almost no visibility thanks to the fog - particularly along NL 60 because it hugs the coast of Conception Bay.

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