Newfoundland Roads - NL 490

All photos are NB. The one above shows the new style of route signage, even replacing standalone shields (especially in western Newfoundland). If you're lucky, you get a letter for the direction you're traveling. And these one-route signs always seem to have arrows in them, always above instead of below, never necessary. This is why shields are made in the first place, to cut down on sign costs and clutter.

Across St. George's River with a former railroad bridge to the east, barricaded so that not even ATVs can use it anymore. That's unfortunate, because there's not all that much room on the current bridge for the sidewalk, and it's not in great shape for being only 37 years old. This bridge may also carry NL 461, but 461's routing is difficult to determine. I know there's a piece that heads out from TCH 1 to St. George's Bay, and I know there's a piece that ends at NL 460, and there's no way to tell conclusively if either of those pieces connect to NL 490. If they both do, then this probably is a concurrency, but it's definitely not if only one piece does.

I missed my turnoff to NL 461 since it's completely unsigned (just the narrow old alignment of NL 490 into Stephenville Crossing), so here I am continuing all the way to the welcoming arms of Stephenville. 90 kilometers from the blue sign I saw on TCH 1, here I am! Too bad it's not Stevenville, or I could claim it as mine.

To validate my errant travel, I then found these two signs at the end of the route. NL 490 makes a right at the second sign and then immediately ends, but it's at a new sign with white rectangles so I didn't bother showing you.

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