Newfoundland Roads - NL 461

All photos are NB. Even though the old trapezoid shields don't show directions, I'd rather have it that way than succumb to the new squares.

Through St. George's (home of a hospital) to the Little Barachois Brook crossing, with the old concrete arch bridge just to the west. Wanting to make time, I didn't stop to walk out on the bridge, and thus never learned about Allison and Amanda. Don't you want to know?

NL 461 may or may not be a contiguous route. If it is, it heads up the coast to NL 490, turns left, then bears right into Stephenville Crossing. If it is not, it either ends at 490 or where the road from TCH 1 ends at St. George's Bay, and then picks up again somewhere north of Stephenville Crossing, perhaps at the border. This sign is in the Crossing where old 490 turns left and what may be 461 continues straight toward NL 460. If it signed any route other than TCH 1, you'd better believe you'd see trapezoids. (Amuse your friends and pick that up as an obscure catchphrase.)

NL 461 ends at NL 460. Pen. is short for Peninsula - on an island with towns like Placentia and Dildo, I feel compelled to point that out.

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