Newfoundland Roads - NL 2

All photos are northbound. It's odd that NL 2 is signed north-south because the route heads almost perfectly east-west, if not slightly southwest in the "North" direction.

New Gower St. WB, becoming NL 2 at this very intersection, with a very old sign that's soon to disappear. The trapezoid route marker has been phased out for plain white squares on LGS's and green squares for standalone shields, and it's been an almost total replacement from what I've seen.

Water St. SB and NB at Job St. right by the Hamilton Ave./New Gower St. intersection in southwestern St. John's. These are city-erected signs - you can tell from the lack of printing quality and dubious font - so they may stick around awhile as the last standard-bearers of the trapezoid.

Some signs on this freeway are not freeway-quality. The Mt. Pearl exit is for NL 3, for example. The Fowlers Rd. sign is more appropriate at 60 km/h than 90 km/h. And look, another trapezoid!

Even less standard, this is the only assembly at the exit gore for Minerals Rd., and the signs aren't in the right order. This is your look at what a standalone trapezoid looks like, because you may never get to see one yourself. The next photo is also at Minerals Rd.

The overpasses get artistic once the road narrows to two lanes, and then it ends all too quickly at Legion Rd. in Conception Bay. There's clearly no provision to widen this highway to four lanes out this far, but at least, given the cones and chevrons, there appears to be momentum to extend what's here further west/"north."

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