Newfoundland Roads - NL 100

NL 100

All photos are NB near Placentia, very easy to misread and mispronounce, but not as blatant as Dildo, NL.

Placentia Road and an old sign for the town border. Placentia Road is the name of the harbor, not the road. It's no worse than Prince Edward Island naming towns "Road" and "Southwest Lot 16."

Across the neck of Placentia Road that separates the Southeast and Northeast Arms from the main body, which is just an inlet from the much larger Placentia Bay. There are way too many body references in that sentence even without the word "Placentia." Part of me wishes the drawbridge went up so I could have seen the old signal turn double red, but part of me is glad I made it to the ferry. There are days, not hours, between ferries from this end of the island.

Looking west at the bay.

This is the only route I found old town line signs on, so this is the only proper example you see showing the Newfoundland heraldic crest. It must have been replaced here, because the sign is no newer than the Placentia sign. The ferry is on Placentia Pike from NL 100, which oddly ends in Freshwater and not, well, you know.

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